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Product Introduction
Author:TOP MAGNETICS  Published:2013-07-08 00:36

As the newest achievement of rare earth permanent material development, NdFeB material has been considered as “Magnet King” for its good performance. NdFeB material is an alloy of neodymium, ferric oxide and other metal materials, which is also called “magnet”. However, the composition of neodymium and ferric makes NdFeB magnet easier to rust and erode, surface coating dealing must been made. For surface treatments, coated with Ni, NiCuNi, Epoxy, Phosphating, Zn, Gold, Silver are some good solutions. 
High BH and high Hcj are the typical characteristics of NdFeB magnets, meanwhile NdFeB magnets are with strong power and high density, which makes NdFeB magnets widely applied in modern industry and electronic technology.
Because of the good magnet performance, sintered NdFeB magnets are widely applied in the fields such as electronic, electric machinery, medical apparatus, toy, package, hardware tool, aircraft industry. What’s more, NdFeB magnets also can be used in permanent motor, loud speaker, magnetic separator, computer disc driver, Magnetic resonance imaging equipment and so on. 
Sintering Process:
Raw Material Preparation—Smelting—Powder Making—Mould Pressing—Sintering—Magnetic Performance Test—Machining Processing—Cutting—Coating—Products.