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Value Investment of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet
Author:admin  Published:2013-09-25 10:36

SHANGHAI, May 9 – Su Bo, Minister of the Industry and Information Technology, proposed at the China Rare Earth Industry Association member meeting that China should construct large rare earth groups. As soon as the news was reported, rare earth permanent magnet individual shares rose across the board.

New energy automobile is a major consumer of rare earth permanent magnet. Global new energy automobile sales reached 200,000 units, and more and more new automobile types are accepted by consumers, with the development of new energy and hybrid electric vehicle boosting demand for high-end neodymium-iron-boron significantly. But the purchase and utilization of new energy automobiles still need support from the government and people, so the growth of rare earth permanent magnet depend on the environmental awareness of the government and people. Rare earth permanent magnet orders will increase in the short term, and medium-and-heavy rare earth value reassessment investments are optimistic in the long run. Given the energy savings and environmental protection policy, the new energy automobile industry has a prosperous outlook. If new energy automobile and hybrid electric vehicle grow rapidly, the growth rate of global demand for high-end neodymium-iron-boron will reach 17%, and will drive total demand growth to 13%. Low-end rare earth permanent magnet capacity has been in severe surplus, while the low-end capacity fell short of demand. The listed companies that have opportunities to receive high-end product orders will benefit from the growth of neodymium-iron-boron brought by the development of new energy automobile.