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Magnets with low weight loss and high corrosion resisitance
As bad Corrosion Resistance of iron-base and Nd-rich grain boundary, NdFeB Magnets Can not be used until plated. Comparing with expansion of Elevator and motors application. The customers need higher requirement on corrosion Resistance of NdFeB Magnets. Now some customers want to use Un-coated magnets. To solve this problems, after the continuous innovation and study, TOPMAG develop NdFeB Magnets with low weight loss. Please check the follow table for more details. (Generally speaking, Domestic companies can control the NdFeB Magnets low weight loss more than 50mg/cm2.) As with extreme low weight loss, so its corrosion resistance is excellent, and can meet the requirements of weight loss on high application like Motors Etc. This magnets mainly used in Elevators, Radar, Wind turbines Etc.
Magnets with good stability and high working temperature
As we all know, NdFeB Magnets have worse stability of temperature, compared with some permanent magnetic materials. Such as AlNiCo, SmCo etc. This Restricts the usage of NdFeB Magnets in some special field directly. Common NdFeB Magnets's Temperature coefficient β Hcj is more than -0.6%/℃, while TOPMAG magnets is less than -0.5%/℃, and have excellent temperature stability.
Correlative Temperature Coefficient Data

Correlative Between Low Weight Loss & Temperature Coefficient
Two standard tests for low weight loss:
USA PCT (121°C, 2 Atm, 100%RH)
EUROPE HAST (130°C, 3 Atm, 100%RH )
Data for Low Weight & Time. Relationship Between Low Weight Loss and Temperature Coefficient

1.Please note: Reversible temperature coefficient is relative to rat of length: square and diagram, etc.
2.Base on one certain production technology, the magnets with low temperature coefficients data accordingly.
3.We suggest to use TOPMAG L-T Series magnets with low weight loss on the wind turbines generators, Tide Generators, Marsh Gas Generators, Elevators Engine, Which have to ensure high reliability on function, this will help them to increase the Ability of Corrosion Resistance, and Prolong the use age, get down the maintain cost of facility.